Bryan Hanson

Bryan carried his passion for sports and sport-specific training with him into college where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Athletic Training, and Kinesiology. Throughout college, Bryan trained students, staff, and the college basketball team, as well as worked as a strength and conditioning coach for a local high school football team. With his education in athletic training, Bryan is able to work comfortably with injured athletes to help them recover faster and prevent further injury. Bryan takes the athletes a step further than sports-rehabilitation, and focuses on preparing each athlete to be game-ready.

Bryan now runs the Schaumburg location specializing in sports performance training and sports injury rehabilitation.


Matt Smith

Over the past seven years, Matt has trained many competitive athletes, working hard to help them excel in their sport. Through strength, conditioning, speed and agility training, Matt has helped lead many athletes to their goal of Division I success.

Matt’s unique training style is reflected through the individualized workouts he creates for each athlete. His positive attitude and encouragement drives clients to work to their full potential! Matt emphasizes each client’s strengths while motivating them to work on their areas of improvement. He prides himself in learning new and advanced training strategies which keeps his techniques relevant and up-to-date. In turn, he pushes his athletes to the MAX, helping them to excel in their sport.

Matt spends a significant amount of time in Saint Charles carefully planning workouts that will challenge and push athletes while enhancing their game. Matt’s training philosophy emphasizes “hard work, dedication, motivation and the right attitude can create superior athletes that can overcome any sport-specific challenges.”



Premium Athletes Schaumburg is where it all began; with just a basketball court, a few polymetrics boxes, and great trainers with a dream to create Division 1 athletes.  We now have a full, sports performance facility with an open court, six full-weight cages, and a variety of other dynamic equipment.

Premium Athletes Schaumburg is a great facility for sport rehabilitation, group training for up to 20 athletes, and personal training for one-on-one assistance. The back half of our facility contains power platforms and weight cages which create an optimal space for larger groups to weight train and power lift. Whether you are trying to increase your vertical and get faster, or continue through your personal fitness journey, there is no better place than Premium Athletes!

Saint Charles

Premium Athletes was given the opportunity to expand their business by opening another facility. A growing number of athletes expressed interest in a location further west in the Chicago Land area and St. Charles was the perfect city for a new place.

Premium Athletes Saint Charles includes a full, college basketball court, batting cages, and premium Astroturf used for baseball, soccer, football, lacrosse and more.

The facility is almost four times the size of the Schaumburg location, accommodating larger or multiple teams each hour. Premium Athletes Saint Charles also offers dynamic warm-ups, active isolated stretching (ASI) upon request, and a full hour of sport-specific or individualized personal training.